Continuous Integration (CI), Continuous Delivery (CD), and Continuous Deployment (CD) are often a very confusing set of acronyms. Most people use all three (CI, CD, CD) interchangeably and, as you can see, “CD” even has two, commonly accepted, expansions which don’t mean the same thing. For this lesson, we will explain all three and how & why they are often used interchangeably. All that said, the concepts make for much better software so it is important to understand and implement.

Topics covered in this Section:

  • A deeper explanation of what are Continuous Integration, Continuous Development, and Continuous Deployment and their benefits.
    • What is Continuous Integration
    • What is Continuous Development
    • What is Continuous Deployment
  • How Tekton fulfills CI/CD: What terminology does Tekton use when implementing CI/CD.
  • Why Tekton is good for Product Owners / Managers: CI/CD provided by Tekton isn't just beneficial to the engineering teams, it also helps deliver better products