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Konveyor, KBE, and the Kubernetes Community


Savitha Raghunathan updates us on Konveyor and what it means to be an official CNCF Sandbox Project. Tune in and learn more about the Konveyor project and how you can contribute.

Episode 10

KBE Insider interviews Sascha Grunert, senior software engineer at Red Hat. Sascha joined the open source community in 2018, contributing to open source projects as well as evangelizing Kubernetes-related technologies. In this KBE Insider episode we’ll focus on Sascha’s contributions to the open source projects such as Kubernetes, CRI-O, and his work on SIG Release.

Episode 9

For this episode, KBE Insider interviews Bandan Das, software engineer at Red Hat and instructor at Boston University, as well as David Vossel, principal software engineer at Red Hat. Bandan works on KVM (Kernel-based Virtual Machine) and David contributes to the open-source project, KubeVirt, a virtualization API for Kubernetes. In this episode we’ll focus on what the future of VMs looks like in a Kubernetes world.

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