KBE Insider - Detroit

If you were at KubeCon in Detroit you may have seen us zipping around the streets of downtown Detroit conducting car interviews for KBE Insider! These car interviews were so much fun! Shout-out to Langdon White for being our  #1 host and thank you to Ford Motor Company for lending us the super cool Mustang Mach-E! 

KBE Insider Detroit - Beckie Riss, Ford Motor Company

KBE Insider interviews our customer Beckie Riss, Principal Architect, Developer Relations, Tools & Enablement at the Ford Motor Company, about the cloud native transformation she’s involved with and the importance of DevRel at the Ford Motor Company. Beckie also shares how the Ford Motor Company uses KBE to help upskill their software development teams!

KBE Insider Detroit - Satish Puranam, Ford Motor Company

KBE Insider interviews Satish Puranam, Sr. Security & Controls Engineer at the Ford Motor Company while in Motor City for KubeCon North America. We caught up with Satish and talk shop — cars, Kubernetes, and Kube by Example (KBE), and how it all ties together to help Ford Motor Company with their cloud native transformation and how they leveraged a more community approach to learning.

KBE Insider Detroit - Katie Gamanji, Apple

KBE Insider interviews Katie Gamanji, Sr. Kubernetes Field Engineer at Apple and how she got started in open source and the community. Katie updates us on her latest involvement with OpenUK as well as CNCF as a member of the Technical Oversight Committee (TOC) and leading the creation of the Kubernetes & Cloud Native Associate (KCNA) certification exam. We also talk to Katie about how more people can start contributing to the community.

KBE Insider Detroit - Christian Hernandez, Red Hat

Another car ride in Detroit while at KubeCon! This time we have Christian Hernandez, Sr. Principal Product Manager at Red Hat. Christian is also a contributor to Argo CD and OpenGitOps. We catch-up with Christian on what he’s been up to with all things GitOps while Langdon avoids hitting a couple birds in the Detroit area!

KBE Insider Detroit - Chris Short, AWS

We catch up with Chris Short, Sr. Developer Advocate at AWS, in his hometown while in Motor City for KubeCon Detroit. This fun car ride covers talk on tech bags and local Detroit tidbits to the importance of contributing to open source. Chris shares what he’s been up to at AWS, CNCF, and gives a few shout-outs to some folks who have made a difference in the community that you may not know of yet, so watch this episode and learn more!

KBE Insider Detroit - Savitha Raghunathan, Red Hat

Catch another episode of KBE Insider with Savitha Raghunathan, Senior Software Engineer at Red Hat and Community Manager and Maintainer for the Konveyor open source project. Savitha updates us on the Konveyor and what it means to be an official CNCF Sandbox Project. Tune in and learn more about the Konveyor project and how you can contribute.

KBE Insider Detroit - Josh Berkus, Red Hat

We catch up with Josh Berkus, Kubernetes Community Manager at Red Hat on his various involvement with CNCF and he shares the latest and greatest from the Kubernetes Contributors Summit North America. Josh talks about stateful applications in Kubernetes, how he enjoys coaching speakers for KubeCon, and we discuss the importance of inclusion and the value of different perspectives and its impact on improving open source technologies. Watch this KBE Insider episode and learn more on how you can get involved and contribute to the community.

KBE Insider Detroit - Liz Rice, Isovalent

Liz Rice, Chief Open Source Officer at Isovalent, creators of the Cilium eBPF-based networking project, and Chair of the CNCF’s Technical Oversight Committee, joins KBE Insider for a second (or is this technically her third?) episode. We’ll talk about what’s new with the Cilium project, her involvement in OpenUK, and prepping for her live demo at KubeCon. Tune in to this episode of KBE Insider, while we take a very sunny morning car ride in Detroit while at KubeCon.

KBE Insider Detroit - Darren Shepherd and Shannon Williams, Acorn Labs

While in Motor City for KubeCon North America, KBE Insider interviews Co-founders at Acorn Labs, Darren Shepherd and Shannon Williams on their new endeavor after Rancher Labs. They share the story behind Acorn Labs and how they’re building to simplify Kubernetes by packaging an open source application deployment framework for DevOps teams. They also share how it's like to prepare for their first KubeCon with Acorn Labs and all the fun of running live demos especially at their Meetups!

KBE Insider Detroit - Daniel Oh, Red Hat

Catch another episode of KBE Insider with Daniel Oh, Developer Advocate at Red Hat and CNCF Ambassador. Daniel shares inspiration he gathers from KubeCon and all the innovative new technologies being showcased for the first time at KubeCon. He also updates us on Konveyor, now a CNCF Sandbox Project, to help accelerate application modernization to Kubernetes. Tune in to this episode and learn more about the Konveyor open source project and how you can contribute.

KBE Insider Detroit - Ronen Dar, Run:ai

We take KBE Insider on the road while in Detroit for KubeCon North America and interview Ronen Dar, Co-founder and CTO at Run:AI. We’ll hear from Ronen the challenges of running AI workloads and how Run:AI is accelerating the AI era with their cloud-native compute orchestration platform, making AI accessible and easy for everyone! Tune in and learn more about Kubernetes and AI development.