Keeping Content Relevant with Automation

Eric Deandrea
Continuous update

Do you create technical content? Do you struggle to keep it updated and relevant?

Technology changes so fast that the moment you write something about it, the writing and the technology itself quickly become out of date, or even worse, irrelevant. Anyone who creates and maintains technical content, such as blog posts, articles, learning paths/lessons, demos, or workshops, understands this.

Keeping content updated can be a manual and time-consuming task that must be repeated over and over again depending on how fast the technology changes.

We at Kube by Example aren't exempt from dealing with this problem. We have, however, come up with some practices we use when creating content that needs to be maintained going forward.

This blog post's original intent was to outline some of these practices we use. However, after writing and reviewing the post we felt it was even more important than a simple blog post. Therefore, we decided to create the Keeping Content Relevant with Automation resource.

In the resource, we discuss the fundamental problem of keeping content relevant and then introduce some automation strategies, tools, and techniques we use here at Kube by Example for helping to keep our content updated and relevant, with as little human intervention as possible.

The strategy we outline isn’t only relevant for technical content: it can be used to apply continuous integration best practices to everyday software development.

Please give it a read! Hopefully it will help you as much as it helps us!