Ford Motor Company & Kube by Example

Learn how Ford Motor Company uses Kube by Example (KBE) to take a community-first approach on their cloud native transformation to upskill their workforce.

Leveraging Community To Transform Ford's Software Development Teams - Rebecca Riss & Satish Puranam

This presentation from Ford Motor Company, Boston University, and Red Hat showcases the power of community to drive the transformation from traditional software development methodologies to next generation cloud native development. To do this, Ford has turned to Kube By Example, sponsored by Red Hat and supported by Boston University, as a means to upskill their workforce and accelerate the development of cloud native automotive software. This has led to increased community participation, optimized customer experiences and a transformation of Ford's software development culture that runs deeper than the technology itself.

KBE Insider Detroit - Beckie Riss, Ford Motor Company

KBE Insider interviews our customer Beckie Riss, Principal Architect, Developer Relations, Tools & Enablement at the Ford Motor Company, about the cloud native transformation she’s involved with and the importance of DevRel at the Ford Motor Company. Beckie also shares how the Ford Motor Company uses KBE to help upskill their software development teams!

KBE Insider Detroit - Satish Puranam, Ford Motor Company

KBE Insider interviews Satish Puranam, Sr. Security & Controls Engineer at the Ford Motor Company while in Motor City for KubeCon North America. We caught up with Satish and talk shop — cars, Kubernetes, and Kube by Example (KBE), and how it all ties together to help Ford Motor Company with their cloud native transformation and how they leveraged a more community approach to learning.

Satish Puranam & Rebecca Riss, Ford | KubeCon + CloudNativeCon NA 2022

Satish Puranam, Technical Leader Cloud at Ford & Rebecca Riss, Principal Architect Developer Tools & Relations at Ford, talk with Lisa Martin & Savannah Peterson at KubeCon + CloudNativeCon NA 2022 in Detroit, MI.

Ford’s Cloud Native Transformation: Q&A

In this Q&A, Ford employees Beckie Riss and Satish Puranam share their perspectives about Ford’s technology, helping their people adapt and how having an advanced technology strategy helps them recruit new talent.

KBE and Ford Motor Company at KubeCon North America Detroit 2022

Learn more about how Ford Motor Company uses Kube by Example (KBE) to take a community-first approach in their cloud native transformation to upskill their workforce.

Ford Motor Company is Hiring

Check out Ford Motor Company’s career page for more details on job opportunities. Ford Motor Company heavily invests in their workforce and is actively hiring!