KBE Insider - Amsterdam

If you were at KubeCon in Amsterdam you may have seen us zipping around the city streets conducting car interviews for KBE Insider! These car interviews were so much fun and we hope you enjoy them as much as we do! Shout-out to Langdon White for being our #1 host (and driver) and thank you to our customer, Audi AG for lending us the awesome Audi RS e-tron GT!

KBE Insider Amsterdam - Sebastian Kistler, Audi AG

KBE Insider interviews Sebastian Kister who leads the Container Competence Center at Audi AG in the Audi RS e-tron GT he let us borrow while at KubeCon Europe! Sebastian shares his involvement within the CNCF community. We also dive into his experience with cloud-native transformation and why he takes a people-first approach to scale enterprise-level transformation at Audi. Sebastian highlights why enablement is also important with transformation as it compliments his people-first approach in their cloud-native transformation journey at Audi.

KBE Insider Amsterdam - Charlotte Dunlap, Global Data Analyst Group

Kubernetes, cloud technology, and the latest developer tools make teams more effective but exacerbate the talent shortage. Gain insight on solutions during our KBE Insider car interview with Charlotte Dunlap, Research Director at Global Data Analyst Group at KubeCon Europe in Amsterdam. Discover how Red Hat’s Kube by Example (KBE) as well as AI and automation tools close the skills gap through self-paced, on-demand development resources.

KBE Insider Amsterdam - Joris Cramwinckel, Ortec Finance

Join Joris Cramwinckel, Technologist at Ortec Finance, as he discusses how Kubernetes, Red Hat OpenShift, and cloud-native microservices have enabled Ortec Finance to provide innovative SaaS solutions. Joris also explains how containerization has reduced complexity in Ortec Finance's development processes and improved CI/CD performance. Tune in to learn why Ortec Finance turned to Red Hat OpenShift to cost-effectively build and deploy Fintech applications at scale.

KBE Insider Amsterdam - Jim Wittermans, ABN AMRO Clearing Bank

KBE Insider interviews Jim Wittermans, Chapter Area Lead at ABN AMRO Clearing Bank while in Amsterdam for KubeCon Europe. We discussed various challenges and myths in the transition to cloud, such as vendor lock-in, replatforming, and more. Jim also shares how his team at ABN AMRO Clearing Bank solves these problems by providing development support services. Watch to gain Jim’s real-world insights on transitioning to open source technologies at enterprise scale!

KBE Insider Amsterdam - Gaurav Rishi, Kasten by Veeam

In this interview from KubeCon Europe, Gaurav Rishi, VP of Product & Cloud Native Partnerships at Kasten by Veeam, discusses the data protection challenges that customers face as databases on Kubernetes-based applications grow exponentially in variety and complexity. Effective backup/recovery, disaster recovery, and mobility become mission-critical for applications. Learn how Kasten ensures simplicity, flexibility, and scalability through a platform approach to meet customers' diverse and evolving data protection needs.

KBE Insider Amsterdam - Erik Van Weert, Achmea

KBE Insider interviews Erik van Weert, Solution Architect, OpenShift at Achmea while in Amsterdam for KubeCon Europe. Erik shares key advantages and disadvantages of open source software as compared to commercial proprietary software, especially in adaptation. We also discuss the challenges of Erik’s team while supporting development teams at Achmea to adopt the philosophy of Kubernetes, Red Hat OpenShift, and containerized services. Watch to learn Erik’s approaches to solve those challenges and his next-steps!

KBE Insider Amsterdam - Alexander Schwartz, Principal Software Engineer at Red Hat

KBE Insider interviews Alexander Schwartz, Principal Software Engineer at Red Hat, during his visit to Amsterdam for KubeCon Europe. Alex discusses the importance of Keycloak in achieving proper authentication and shares his experience with AsciiDoc, Antora, and Asciidoctor. Join us to learn about his work on Keycloak and his vision for its future!

KBE Insider Amsterdam - Alessandro Vozza, Founder at Kubernetes Community Days Amsterdam and CNCF Ambassador

KBE Insider interviews Alessandro Vozza, Developer Relations at solo.io, Founder at Kubernetes Community Days Amsterdam, and CNCF Ambassador while in Amsterdam for KubeCon Europe. We discuss Alessandro's work in fostering the Kubernetes and cloud-native communities in Amsterdam and how these communities and conferences contribute to the explosion of Kubernetes in the area. As a former software engineer at Microsoft, Alessandro was there when Kubernetes was in its infancy! Tune in to learn from Alessandro’s extensive experience working with development communities and Kubernetes!