04.01: How to Enable Logging in Tekton


  1. Create a new file called logging.yaml.
  2. Paste the following YAML into the file:
apiVersion: logging.k8s.io/v1alpha1
kind: Logger
  name: tekton-pipelines
  level: debug
  1. Save the file.
  2. Apply the logging configuration to your Kubernetes cluster:
kubectl apply -f logging.yaml

Once you have enabled logging, you can use the kubectl logs command to get the logs from the Tekton Pipelines controller.

Here is an explanation of the different sections of the logging configuration:

  • The apiVersion and kind fields specify the version of the Logging API that * the logging configuration is using.
  • The metadata section contains the name of the logger.
  • The spec section defines the configuration of the logger.
  • The level field specifies the logging level.

Here are some additional tips for enabling logging for a Tekton environment:

  • You can also enable logging for individual tasks and pipelines by setting the logging field in the task or pipeline spec.
  • You can use the kubectl describe command to get more information about the logger.
  • You can use the kubectl get pods command to get the status of the pod that is running the logger.