This lesson gives an overview of the Ansible Operator with a step-by-step exercise developing an Ansible Operator with the Operator SDK.

The reader should have a basic understanding of the Kubernetes Operator pattern.

Ansible Operator is an Operator powered by Ansible. Custom Resource state triggers Ansible tasks instead of Go or other custom Kubernetes controller code. Ansible Operator development and testing is supported by the Operator SDK. Operator SDK can be used to create new Operator projects, test existing Operators, build Operator images, and generate new Custom Resource Definitions (CRDs) for an Operator and its API.

By the end of this lesson you should have a basic understanding of:

  • What the Ansible Operator is
  • How the Ansible Operator maps Custom Resource events to Ansible code
  • How to pass extra variables to Ansible code via the operator
  • How to leverage existing roles from Ansible Galaxy
  • How to deploy and run the Ansible Operator in a OpenShift cluster
  • How to run the Ansible Operator Locally for development