Zero to Smoothie with GitOps


Another car ride in Detroit with KBE Insider Host and Clinical Assistant Professor of Computing and Data Sciences at Boston University, Langdon White, behind the wheel while at KubeCon last month with Christian Hernandez, Sr. Principal Product Manager at Red Hat. We catch up with Christian on what he’s been up to on an early morning ride in Detroit in an awesome Mustang Mach-E our friends at Ford Motor Company let us borrow all week at KubeCon! Watch the full episode and let us know what you think about GitOps! 

So how did we get from DevOps to GitOps? Christian breaks it down as, “DevOps is the culture and GitOps is how that culture looks like in practice.” That’s an excellent way to put it. 

As more organizations adopt a DevOps culture, they are realizing the value in expediting the development process and delivering products faster, more automated, and more secure. To implement this cultural shift, organizations need to consider the various tools and workflows to build the framework for their GitOps practice.

Resources to get you started with GitOps!

At KubeCon last month we released two new additions to our learning paths for Kuby by Example (KBE). Let’s get started - from “zero to smoothie” as Christian says! (go watch the episode if you don’t get it!) 

Argo CD learning path by Christian Hernandez

  • Overview
  • Getting Started
  • Deploying an Application
  • Working with Kustomize
  • Working with Helm
  • Syncwave and Hooks

Tekton learning path by Langdon White:

  • Overview
  • What is Continuous Integration
  • What is Continuous Delivery
  • What is Continuous Deployment
  • What is Tekton
  • Why Tekton is Good for Product Managers

Shout-out to Langdon and Christian for contributing to these new learning paths for KBE! 

If you want to read more on GitOps, download the e-book by Christian Hernandez on "The Path to GitOps" covering the following topics:

  • Learn how GitOps relates to the DevOps movement and examine the foundational GitOps principles defined by the OpenGitOps Sandbox project
  • Discover best practices for structuring Git workflows for your deployments
  • Understand where GitOps fits in your CI/CD (continuous integration/continuous delivery) pipelines and explore the various ways you can implement it
  • Explore Argo CD, Flux, and other popular tools used to manage GitOps workflows, and see how Kustomize, Helm, and Kubernetes Operators help minimize the management of lengthy configuration files
  • Get tips for setting up policies and security for your Git workflows

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