This lesson uses minikube as the Kubernetes distribution, but any Kubernetes distribution would work. Instructions for installing and configuring minikube are available in the minikube documentation.

Please visit the Try Kubernetes section for information regarding a Kubernetes distribution that can be used for this lesson.

A Java runtime version >= 17 is also required for this lesson. This is because Spring Boot 3 requires Java 17 as its minimum version. This lesson is tested on Java minimum versions 17.0.5.

Additionally, the kubectl cli is optional. The instructions in this lesson don’t require it, but if you want to experiment on your own afterward, you may need it.  If you don't have it already, it can be downloaded and installed with the minikube kubectl -- command. You can see step 3 on the minikube getting started guide for more information.

Eric Deandrea
Eric Deandrea
Sr. Principal Developer Advocate
Eric is a Sr. Principal Developer Advocate at Red Hat, focusing on Application Development technologies such as Quarkus, Spring Boot, as well as the rest of Red Hat's Runtimes portfolio. Prior to joining Red Hat, Eric spent many years in the financial services & insurance industries. Eric also enjoys contributing to various open-source projects, including Quarkus and the Spring ecosystem. Outside of work, Eric enjoys ice hockey and martial arts. He holds a black belt in Kempo Karate.