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Module 5: Consolidated Logging

In many cases, distributed environments such as Kubernetes can make log access and troubleshooting more challenging.  This is especially true when multiple services are involved.  In this module, the instructor explains how to aggregate log data, perform searches with Elasicsearch, interpret the data with graphical dashboards such as Kibana, and finally access specific log data with Filebeat.

John Thompson
John Thompson
Founder of Spring Framework Guru
John Thompson has been in the IT industry for over 25 years. John is an experienced Java developer and has provided professional services to VIsa, Kohls, Federal Home Loan Bank, and Belk Department Stores. He is currently employed as a Senior Software Engineer for Velo Payments. In 2013, John was a speaker at Spring One G2X. In 2015, John founded Spring Framework Guru, an educational website for learning the Spring Framework. John has created over 18 online courses around the Spring Framework and Java technologies. John is also a top 100 instructor on Udemy, with 200,000 students from 180 different countries. In his spare time, John is an avid cyclist and enjoys the waters of Tampa Bay.