What's the Kubernetes Cloud Native Associate (KCNA) Exam?


We had the chance to catch up with Katie Gamanji, Sr. Kubernetes Field Engineer at Apple and member of CNCF’s Technical Oversight Committee (TOC), while at KubeCon in Detroit. Catch the full car interview with Katie and our KBE Insider host, behind the wheel, Langdon White, Clinical Assistant Professor of Computing and Data Sciences at Boston University, in our Mustang Mach-E our friends at Ford Motor Company lent us while at KubeCon!


Let’s learn Kubernetes and Cloud Native skills

A huge takeaway from Katie’s car interview is getting involved in the Kubernetes and Cloud Native community. An initiative she’s taken to make getting involved in the community more attainable is leading the creation of the Kubernetes and Cloud Native Associate (KCNA) exam for CNCF. So what is this entry-level certification? From CNCF, “The KCNA is pre-professional certification designed for candidates interested in advancing to the professional level through a demonstrated understanding of Kubernetes fundamental knowledge and skills.” 

We dig the KCNA because it’s an entry-level CNCF certification and focuses on 5 disciplines within the Kubernetes and Cloud Native landscape:

  • Kubernetes Fundamentals
  • Container Orchestration
  • Cloud Native Architecture
  • Cloud Native Observability
  • Cloud Native Application Delivery

The exam is multiple-choice, proctored, and conveniently offered online. No prerequisites are suggested by CNCF. However, we think you do need some hands-on and theoretical knowledge of Kubernetes and Cloud Native projects and its evolving landscape. 

Get involved in the Kubernetes community and learn more about the KCNA exam!

KBE can help you get started for free!

We think knowledge of Linux, Kubernetes, and Cloud Native fundamentals is a definite plus before taking the KCNA exam. Get started for free with Kube By Example (KBE) and our 17 free learning paths. Here are our recommended learning paths to get you prepped for the KCNA:

CNCF also offers a Kubernetes and Cloud Native Essentials learning path you can bundle with your KCNA exam. Shout-out to CNCF for offering this beginner course and entry-level exam to get more people involved in the growing community. 

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