Migrating to Kubernetes with Open Source Tools

Konveyor Community Projects and Red Hat Supported Tools

Migrating to Kubernetes with Open Source Tools

Kube by Example (KBE) is here to provide the broadest and most informative Kubernetes tutorials, news, and community engagements. So if Kubernetes is the name of the game, let's cover one of our newest developer learning paths, “Migrating to Kubernetes”

Organizations consider migrating their monolithic applications to Kubernetes for the many benefits it provides such as scalability and portability, deployment consistency, resource optimization, as well as being open source. Our learning path applies open source tools to help you rehost, replatform, and refactor your applications to Kubernetes.

Start with Open Source Tools

Our learning path breaks down the various open source technologies to help expedite the modernization and migration of your applications to Kubernetes. Here are the three open source tools we focus on:

  • Tackle helps you streamline your applications to Kubernetes by assessing your applications to get recommendations to automated testing
  • KubeVirt provides an unified development platform where developers can build, modify, and deploy applications in both Containers and VMs in a common environment
  • Forklift helps with rehosting the applications or components that are not as easy to containerize, by providing a VM migration solution

Make sure you check out the “Beyond KBE” resource links with videos and references to the GitHub repositories.

Adopt Kubernetes with the Konveyor Project

Tackle, KubeVirt, and Forklift are just a subset of open source tools that are part of the Konveyor project that Red Hat and IBM Research created to help in Kubernetes adoption. 

There are the other tools included in the Konveyor project that can be very useful in your Kubernetes adoption:

  • Replatform with Move2Kube
  • Migrate applications between clusters with Crane
  • Pelorus measures software delivery performance

Learn more about the Konveyor Project at konveyor,io and join the #konveyor channel on slack.k8s.io