Konveyor, KBE, and the Kubernetes Community


By Savitha Raghunathan

I had the opportunity to attend KubeCon again this year and was super excited as I had the chance to finally meet with our KBE Insider host and Clinical Assistant Professor of Computing and Data Sciences at Boston University, Langdon White. For some of you who may not know, I’m part of the rotating co-host bench for KBE Insider, our monthly live streaming show where we interview the movers and shakers of the Kubernetes community, highlight open source tools, and keep you all updated on what’s new with Kubernetes and the Cloud Native community. I also contribute to the Konveyor ecosystem, which is helping companies modernize their application workloads safely and at scale. I had so much fun in the KBE branded Mustang Mach-E Ford Motor Company let us borrow to film our car interviews in Detroit while at KubeCon! Tune in as I update Langdon on the Konveyor project, my community involvement with Kubernetes, and how the learnings from community participation are transferable from one open source project to another.

Konveyor is now a CNCF Sandbox Project

ICYMI, the Konveyor project is now officially a CNCF sandbox project and I couldn’t be more excited for the opportunity to build this community! We ran a workshop at OpenShift Commons Gathering while in Detroit for KubeCon North America and we received great feedback on the Konveyor project. Shout-out to everyone who attended and shout-out to Fabian von Feilitzsch and Daniel Oh, who co-presented with me. We’re looking forward to another workshop in Amsterdam for KubeCon Europe! 

CNCF sandbox acceptance for the Konveyor project opens a huge opportunity to be at the forefront of building a large collaborative community for the open source community to advance the industry as a whole. To stay on top of the Konveyor updates and to participate in the community, join the Konveyor community google group. 

Lane-Assist System for Your Application Modernization Journey

As more companies have embarked on their cloud migration journey for workloads, they need a vendor-neutral solution that can safely modernize their applications. Konveyor assists with adopting Kubernetes at scale by providing in-depth analysis and assessment of the application, remediations for issues found during the analysis phase, and effort estimation. 

If you are interested in learning more, get started with the Konveyor learning path available in KBE and look out for future updates!