KBE adds 5 new learning paths and KBE community forum


Hot off the press for KubeCon Europe 2022! Keeping up with our plans to continuously update our content and keeping it relevant for the Kubernetes community to consume and learn by doing as well as learn by watching, Kube by Example (KBE) adds 5 new learning paths — that’s 15 total learning paths showcasing a breadth of Kubernetes and cloud-native content. We’re also excited about our new KBE community forum which will allow us to engage with the community real time. Read the official press blog here.

What’s new with KBE learning paths?

Check out the following new learning paths (bookmark them now!):

The new learning path additions add to our existing Kubernetes “Cloud Native Fundamentals” and “Application Development” learning tracks which are more geared towards operators and developers. With “Kubernetes Security”, we introduce a dedicated track that we think is just as important, especially with security top of mind at all organizations today. We hope the community finds the new hands-on content useful by allowing you to practice new skills as they are explored and explained. As always, we welcome feedback or just let us know what new learning paths you would like on KBE! 

What else is new? KBE community forum (beta)

Preview our new KBE community forum sponsored by Red Hat Learning. It’s the beta edition, so it’s a sneak peek of what's to come later this year. If you're stuck on a lesson, use the KBE community forum to get your questions answered real time or use it to start a discussion with hundreds of learning community members. Dive into the KBE community forum and follow discussions, connect with the community, and discuss topics that range from lessons on KBE to tips on how to get started in the open source community. Join the KBE Community Forum now!