Improving KBE with New Website Features and Updates to Learning Path on Application Development


With Kube by Example (KBE) we aim to continuously provide updated content with our learning paths as well as ongoing website improvements, such as new features we deploy on the KBE website. Our most recent feature additions to the KBE website allow us to collect more feedback from the community. 

On the community page you’ll find a poll we’re running to see what our community’s experience and knowledge level is with Kubernetes. This helps us plan our curriculum for appropriate levels and prioritize lessons. Take the poll now and give us your input!

Another feature we’ve rolled out this week is a widget to collect feedback on our learning paths. You can now give us “star” ratings of your learning path experience. If you want to include more feedback, you’re welcome to before you submit, and all submissions remain anonymous. We want to know how to make your experience better, because we built KBE for the community. Look for the red “feedback” button on the right-side of your screen to submit feedback on all nine learning paths.

New Lessons and Guided Exercises for Application Development on Kubernetes

Under our “Development” learning path, we recently updated “Application Development on Kubernetes” with some new lessons and guided exercises:

Stay tuned as we have a full roadmap of curriculum on the way for next year and plan to continuously update our current learning paths with new revised content. After you complete any of our lessons or learning paths, don’t forget to click the feedback button and let us know what you you want more tutorial videos, more guided exercises, a mix of both? 

Help us improve KBE!

We’re super excited to get real time feedback on our learning paths with the new widget, but in case you didn’t know, we have always had a dedicated feedback form. Let us know what you think of the new website features, lesson paths, KBE Insider show, and any general feedback or suggestions you think would help improve KBE for the community.