6 Takeaways with Kaslin Fields on KBE-Insider

Learning paths

Command line essentials

Learn the basics of navigating a command line, focusing around skills that will enable you to interact with Kubernetes and build container images.

Linux essentials

This learning path provides an in-depth overview of Linux system administration and practical use.

Kubernetes fundamentals

This fast-paced, entertaining, and instructive learning path introduces you to the Kubernetes Fundamentals through 20 short videos presented by worldwide renowned and recognized presenters. You'll learn from the "What is Kubernetes in 3 minutes", going through Pods, ReplicaSets, Deployments, Services, up to some more advanced concepts like Jobs, StatefulSets, and DaemonSets.

Container fundamentals

This learning path covers the basics of how containers work, how to manage them, and creating the images that back them.

Application Development on Kubernetes

Learn what a developer needs to know to get started deploying applications on Kubernetes. This hands-on learning path teaches you how to deploy an app, communicate across internal applications, and expose it for external access.

Developing with Quarkus on Kubernetes

This interactive learning path introduces users to the Quarkus framework, including both getting started as well as more advanced topics such as dependency injection, packaging, and templating. Existing Spring users will find a lesson specifically catered towards migrating from legacy applications to use Quarkus.

Developing with Spring Boot on Kubernetes

Created by the founder of SpringFramework.Guru, this learning path provides a deep dive into Spring, covering a wide range of topics such as building Spring Boot layered images and using build tools to facilitate development.

Operators with Helm, Ansible, and Go

This learning path will help you learn about the popular ways to package, deploy, and run applications on Kubernetes using the popular methods: helm charts and operators. You will learn about how helm and operators work to deploy, run, and update applications and how to automate them using Ansible. Finally you will learn some basics about Go, the programming language that underlies many of the operator framework and helm chart subsystems.

Migrating to Kubernetes

Learn about various tools in Konveyor and the techniques that can accelerate rehosting, replatforming, and refactoring applications to Kubernetes.